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Welcome to your first bi-monthly newsletter, aimed at keeping you, in your role as Club RugbySafe Lead, informed of all the latest information, guidance and support available.

You're receiving this newsletter as you are listed as your club’s RugbySafe Lead (formerly known as First Aid or Medical Officer). If this isn’t the case, please ask your club to ensure the correct contact details are updated on the club’s Game Management System (GMS) page, so that future editions get sent to the right person.

This edition covers some of the key programmes and areas of RugbySafe, and where to find more information to help in your role.

As we look to build a supportive and connected network of RugbySafe Leads, future editions will include some stories of the great work going on in clubs around the country, details on player welfare events and information to support you in your role.

A massive thank you for all the work you do as a RugbySafe Lead, we hope this proves a useful and supportive tool. Please look out for the next edition in mid-December or follow us @RugbySafe on Twitter for updated information in the meantime.
RugbySafe, supported by Simplyhealth, is the RFU’s overarching player safety and wellbeing programme, putting player welfare at the heart of the game.

Through RugbySafe we aim to provide guidance and resources for all rugby activity organisers on what needs to be in place to create a fun and safe playing environment. If you aren’t familiar with RugbySafe and what resources are available, they can be found on either the RugbySafe section on the Keep Your Boots On website or the RugbySafe pages on the main England Rugby website, both of which you can find below.

There is a great network of CB RugbySafe Leads, if you are not in touch with your relevant CB RugbySafe Lead, please look to get in touch with them (through your CB contact) and let them know who you are.

If you have any specific RugbySafe questions please send them to rugbysafe@rfu.com, more general enquiries can be sent to clubsupport@rfu.com.
Keep Your Boots On
RugbySafe Pages
Coronavirus Hub
In an ever changing world at the moment, to stay on top of all the latest Coronavirus matters and guidance please go to the Coronavirus Hub where key information and a number of useful resources can be accessed.

Please send any questions/enquiries to clubsupport@rfu.com.
Coronavirus Hub
Recognised as one of the UK’s leading concussion awareness and education resources, the RFU’s HEADCASE programme aims to increase understanding and provide information on concussion and other related topics, including how to prevent and manage suspected concussions.

For more information and to access the recently updated online module, please click below.
First Aid Courses
We hope to have the Emergency First Aid in Rugby Union course back up and running soon, more information will be sent out centrally to clubs through the Community Game Update. For more information on First Aid courses, just click below.
First Aid
World Mental Health Day
Saturday 10 October was World Mental Health Day. It is estimated that one in four people suffer from mental health issues each year. However, this year the numbers are believed to have increased substantially due to Covid-19.

The links between good physical health and mental health are well recognised. Physical activity, such as playing rugby following the move to Stage D on the Return to Community Rugby Roadmap can be very beneficial for mental health and wellbeing, as well as bringing physical benefits.

Guidance for clubs and the rugby community on how they can support anyone suffering from mental health issues, and/or information for those who may be suffering themselves, is available on the RugbySafe Mental Health page.
Mental Health
Simplyhealth are the trusted healthcare partner to England Rugby and the official lead partner for the RugbySafe programme. Working together, we will explore how to utilise our joint knowledge base to develop and expand ‘RugbySafe’ and promote health and wellbeing in sport, as well as everyday life.

Simplyhealth has been helping people access healthcare, through health plans, charity partnerships and by being a voice in healthcare, since 1872. For more information go to the Simplyhealth dedicated England Rugby page below.
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